20 Aug 2012
Comments Off on Supping: New Way to Have Fun in the Water

Supping: New Way to Have...

There’s a new craze in Pacific water sports, and this one is done on top of the water… It’s called stand-up paddleboarding or supping! (That comes from Stand-Up »

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11 Aug 2012
Comments Off on Pacific Islanders at the Paralympics

Pacific Islanders at the...

Now that the Olympics are just about over (great work, everyone), it’s time for the real games to begin! The Paralympics are the international sporting event held together »

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3 Aug 2012
Comments Off on The Wild Horses of Oceania

The Wild Horses of Oceania

There is a cluster of mountains on New Zealand’s North Island called the Kaimanawa Range. These dusty mountains hold a rare treasure, particularly for the South Pacific: »

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20 Jul 2012
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Pacific Islanders at the...

The Summer Olympics are an exciting time! It’s a chance for people to travel from all over the world, and gather in one place. This year: London, England. And as usual, »

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10 Jul 2012
Comments Off on Sea Turtles: Marvelous & Fragile

Sea Turtles: Marvelous &...

Have you met my friend Ponga? He’s a sea turtle that plays the bamboo trumpet. Ponga is not your average sea turtle, of course. Most sea turtles do not play music, but »

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3 Jul 2012
Comments Off on Camping in Australia’s Whitesunday Islands

Camping in Australia’...

A while ago, I told you about the Great Barrier Reef. Today I thought I’d tell you about some of the islands that surround Australia’s natural wonder. The Whitesunday »

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23 Jun 2012
Comments Off on Bilibili Rafting in Fiji

Bilibili Rafting in Fiji

Boy, have I got an adventure for you! The next time you’re in Fiji, don’t miss the chance to take a lazy trip down a river in a bilibili. A bilibili is a raft »

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16 Jun 2012
Comments Off on Lokelani, Maui Rose

Lokelani, Maui Rose

Did you know that my full name is Lokelani? All my friends call me Loke, but I was named after the most beautiful flower in the whole South Pacific! The lokelani is the official »

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8 Jun 2012
Comments Off on The (Living) People of Easter Island

The (Living) People of...

You know about Rapa Nui — you might just think of it as Easter Island. That’s the name that a Dutch man gave it, because he first saw it on Easter weekend. Everyone »

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2 Jun 2012
Comments Off on Meet the Voices of the Ukulele Project

Meet the Voices of the...

Friends, I’m excited to announce the winners of our ukulele video contest! With all the original songs, it was a tough choice to select just three videos. We had many »

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23 May 2012
Comments Off on South Pacific: What’s in a name?

South Pacific: What’...

Why are the Cook Islands called the Cook Islands? What does Tahiti mean? If New Zealand is new, where is Old Zealand? Every place has a story, and so does every name!   »

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14 May 2012
Comments Off on Birth of a South Pacific Island

Birth of a South Pacific...

What do you see when you look at a map? It’s a drawing of how the earth looks, right? Sometimes the earth changes! A few years ago, a sailboat was cruising through the »

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6 May 2012
Comments Off on Don’t judge a shark by its fin…

Don’t judge a shark...

People have a lot of ideas about sharks. Mostly, they get them from the movies! They imagine big ol’ mean great whites, sneaking up on them while they swim. Yikes! But »

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29 Apr 2012
Comments Off on Swampy Adventures on Kaua’i

Swampy Adventures on Kaua&...

Kaua’i may be the smallest of Hawaii’s main islands, but it is also the oldest — about six million years old! Kaua’i is filled to the edges with lush green »

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21 Apr 2012
Comments Off on Do you play the ukulele?

Do you play the ukulele?

We’re getting close to the end of the Great Ukulele Video Contest — have you submitted your video yet? May 15 is the deadline to enter to win up to $500! What we’re »

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15 Apr 2012
Comments Off on Fiji’s Great Temple

Fiji’s Great Temple

Fiji is an island country between New Zealand and Hawaii, so as you can imagine — it’s a pretty beautiful place. It’s sunny and temperate most of the year, and »

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6 Apr 2012
Comments Off on The World’s Largest Living Structure

The World’s Largest...

… is the Great Barrier Reef! You might think coral looks like a plant. Or perhaps like a brightly colored rock formation. Well, look again! Coral is a form of marine »

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30 Mar 2012
Comments Off on Great Ukulele Contest: Videos!

Great Ukulele Contest:...

What is small, has four strings and whole lot of personality? The ukulele, of course! As you may know, The Rainbow Pals are holding a ukulele songwriting contest. Why? Because »

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22 Mar 2012
Comments Off on Public Transit: South Pacific-style

Public Transit: South...

What would you do if you lived on an island, surrounded by warm, beautiful water? After thanking your lucky stars, you’d probably try to figure out some way to get across »

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3 Mar 2012
Comments Off on Tuvalu: Sinking Paradise

Tuvalu: Sinking Paradise

The two least-populated sovereign nations in the world are in the South Pacific. It makes sense, since many South Pacific countries are teeny, tiny islands in the middle of »

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