Niue: Small but mighty!

NiueHave you ever heard of a country called Niue? If you haven’t, don’t worry — most people know very little about this very little Pacific island country.

It is only about 100 square miles, northeast of New Zealand. Niue is sometimes known as the Rock of Polynesia, or just The Rock. However, there’s more to it than just a rock!

There are only about 1400 people living in Niue. The language they speak? Niuean, of course! There are only three countries in the world with fewer people. Two of them are in the South Pacific: Tokelau and the Pitcairn Islands. The other one is Vatican City!

Most Niueans grow their own food. Farming is very important to Niueans! They grow root vegetables, bananas and passionfruit! Mmm! Any extra fruit or vegetables from the garden gets sold in the local market and sent to nearby New Zealand. Niueans are known across the South Pacific for being serious sports fans. In 2008, they beat out eight other Oceanic nations to win the Federation of Oceania Rugby Unions championship. They took how six medals at the recent 2011 Pacific Games — more than Tuvalu, a country with more than ten times Niue’s population!

Oh… Did I mention that Niue is beautiful? What beaches! I can’t wait to take Ponga there for a swimming trip…

~ your friend Loke

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