Name: Miro

Origin: Maori (Miro tree)

Instrument: Ipu heke

Friendship Quality: Humor

Favorite Snack: Honey

Hobby: Napping in my hammock!

Want to hear a joke?

What do you call a bear that plays with the Rainbow Pals? Beary happy! So what do you call me? Un-bear-ably cute! Oh, just kidding! Hi, I’m Miro! Do you know what an ipu heke is? That’s the instrument I play! It’s kind of like a drum. It’s perfect for me, because I can play it while lying down on my hammock. That’s where you can usually find me—napping under a tree, with one hand on my ipu heke, and the other in a pot of honey!

I can’t wait to get to know you! But first, a little snooze in the sun…

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