6 Feb 2013
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Let’s Go Swimming!

Beaches are lovely places, but sometimes they’re not the best for swimming. Calm beaches that are ringed by coral reefs are great for snorkeling but not for playing »

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30 Sep 2012
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Eddie Aikau: Hawai’...

Every year, a surf contest called The Eddie is held in Waimea Bay, Hawai’i. Well, not every year… This year, the contest was planned to be held from the beginning »

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3 Sep 2012
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The Rainiest Place in New...

The South Pacific: All palm trees and blue lagoons, right? Wrong! Oceania is the most ecologically diverse region in the world. I recently learned about one of Oceania’s »

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20 Aug 2012
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Supping: New Way to Have...

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10 Jul 2012
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Sea Turtles: Marvelous &...

Have you met my friend Ponga? He’s a sea turtle that plays the bamboo trumpet. Ponga is not your average sea turtle, of course. Most sea turtles do not play music, but »

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