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~ Aloha! ~

My name is Lokelani. But you can call me Loke! I'm the leader of The Rainbow Pals. We are seven colorful friends that live among the sunny islands of the South Pacific.
Did you know that each Rainbow Pal plays a different Hawai'ian intrument? Our names come from Maori and Hawai'ian, two beautiful languages of the South Pacific. Every Rainbow Pal is a color of the rainbow!
Our days are full of laughter and every night we gather on the beach to sing and make music. Early to rise and early to bed, The Rainbow Pals sleep in hammocks under the bright stars comforted by the warm summer breeze. Every day is fun in paradise!
While you are here, you can read my blog, listen to our music and watch videos of our adventures.

Welcome to our world!

~ your friend Loke


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