Flower Power!

Have you ever heard of a kiele? It is a kind of Hawaiian flower, also known as a gardenia. Kieles are often used to make the leis that Hawaiians wear around our necks.

In Hawaiian culture, the kiele presents love and romance. It’s like a Pacific Islander rose! Do you know what? They smell beautiful too!

So last week, The Rainbow Pals were just returning from one of our big adventures when Poni noticed something missing… a kiele! She wanted to perform a special hula about happiness, but she needed a kiele to do it. Kieles are very precious — just like friends! It took us a long time to find the flower, but eventually Pua spotted a few growing beneath a waterfall. What happened next was… Well, I don’t want to spoil the story!

You can watch our adventure in Rainbow Pals Episode 2: In Search of the Blue Kiele.
Like all Rainbow Pals adventures, it involves friendship and teamwork!

I hope you enjoy it!
~ your friend Loke

(Psst! You can listen to our new song, “Happiness” here!)

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