The Great Ukulele Contest

Aloha, friends!

As you know, I play the ukulele. Wait! I don’t just play it — I love it!

One of the best things about playing the ukulele is that it is easy to sing along to. That means that writing songs doesn’t take years of music education — learn a couple chords and away you go! It’s quick to learn, it’s fun to play, and it sounds great!
In Rainbow Pals Episode 2: In Search of the Blue Kiele, I sang a song called “Happiness.” It’s a cheerful song, all about simplicity and enjoying every day. Perfect for the ukulele, don’t you think?
Of course, The Rainbow Pals aren’t the only ones writing songs and posting them to YouTube. There’s a Ukulele Revolution going on out there! People from all over the world record videos in their living rooms, on the beach, in their classrooms, and everyone one of them wields a mighty ukulele.

Ready for the big news?
We are holding a UKULELE CONTEST!

Here’s how it works…

Write an original ukulele song.
Record a video of you playing it.
Post your video to YouTube.
Send us the link.
Win up to $500!

The winning songs will be the ones that best express The Rainbow Pals values: friendship, cooperation and happiness. I’m so excited to see the creative, joyful songs you come up with!
Go to to submit your song!

your friend
~ Loke

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