Snorkeling: An adventure for any age!

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The South Pacific is a beautiful place. Fascinating flora and fauna, and sun and beaches… but wait! The real beauty lies beneath the waves.
There are lots of ways to explore the ocean, even if you aren’t lucky enough to be a fish or a turtle (like my friend Ponga). For people that are really dedicated to their underwater adventures, scuba-diving offers the most thrilling sights. But scuba-diving involves a lot of equipment — it can be expensive and difficult to learn how to use.
What about us more casual ocean-explorers? For us, there’s snorkeling! Snorkeling is a fun and easy way to peer under the waves. It’s great for kids and their parents, too! Snorkeling is perfect for the South Pacific, because it works best in the ocean. Do you know why? (Hint: Things float more in salt water!)
Snorkeling is simple, and all it takes is a mask and a snorkel. Put ’em on, and away you go! The mask allows you to look underwater, and using the snorkel means you can breath normally while checking it all out! One of the keys to snorkeling is breathing normally. At first it might feel a little funny — breathing underwater is usually reserved for the fish! But you’ll get the hang of it before long and then the ocean is your oyster (so to speak). If you want to get fancy (and fast!) you can strap on a pair of flippers. Flippers help you dive underwater to get a closer look at the coral and fish that stay near the bottom.

Snorkeling tips:

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Thanks to Jose Manuel Segovia for the fantastic photo of the turtle!
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