Birth of a South Pacific Island

What do you see when you look at a map? It’s a drawing of how the earth looks, right?

Sometimes the earth changes!

A few years ago, a sailboat was cruising through the waters near Tonga’s main island Tongatapu. Suddenly, the crew heard a loud rumbling. Off in the distance they could see a column of smoke and ash rising up out of the water. Do you know what it was?
It was a new island! A series of earthquakes caused an underwater volcano to erupt, and bingo: Tonga needs to update their maps.
Like much of Oceana, Tonga was formed by volcanic activity. It is home to a number of fascinating geological phenomena! One of my favorite places to visit is HÅ«fangalupe, a huge natural archway on the volcanic rocks that form the oceanfront of Tongatapu. It is a stunning sight!

Volcanos may seem loud and scary, but they’re also a big part of what makes the South Pacific unique. And this new island proves that it gets more unique every day!

~ Loke

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