Storytime: The Sharing Flute

Dear pals,

I invited my friend Ponga to tell you the story of the day he learned the magic of sharing…

I hope you enjoy it!

The ocean is nice to look at, but it’s even better to look under. How do I know that? Because I’m a sea turtle!  I spend much of my day exploring the world beneath the torqouise blue waves. I have seen marvelous things under there — fish disguised as clowns, sting rays the size of a bus, coral painted in every colour in the rainbow and more.

If I could, I would spend my life exploring the depths of the sea! Sometimes Kokio or Loke come swimming with me, but they need to use snorkels and they get tired quickly. Using my legs, I sail comfortably through the water as though I were flying. I can hold my breath for hours! And that’s precisely what I was doing on the day I spotted the magical glimmer on the ocean floor.

What was it? At first all I could see was a twinkling light, like a tiny star half-buried in the sand. I swam deeper to get a look. Finally, I was close enough to brush away the sand and see what it was: a beautiful flute! Bright purple, green and yellow — it shimmered in the clear water.

I could barely contain my excitement as I swam towards the surface of the ocean. The flute is my favourite instrument, and it is very sacred in Hawaiian folklore. Of course, I would need some air to give it a try!

When I reached the beach, I held the flute gently in my hands. It seemed to shimmer even more in the sunlight than it had under the water! I put it to my mouth and gave a gentle blow.

To my surprise, no sound came out! I shook it lightly and checked to see if there was sand caught inside. It was clean, so I tried again. Nothing again. I started to feel sad — was it broken? I breathed into it once more, but again no sound came out. I stood on the beach and thought. Perhaps the flute had been destroyed by its time on the ocean floor. Sadly, I walked towards the water to throw my treasure back into the sea.

Suddenly there was a loud rumbling! It came from the bushes along the shore. I turned and saw Poni trampling towards me. She was carrying Kokio on her shoulders, and beside her was Loke and Koali, with Pua flying along above. The last to arrive was Miro, who ambled out of the bushes with a smile on his face.

“What was that?” they all asked, at once.

“What was what?” I responded, feeling puzzled. Koali laughed. He walked over to me and put his hand on my shell.

“We heard music,” he said. “Ponga, you must have heard it — it was coming from over here!”

“It was the most lovely melody I’ve ever heard,” sang Pua, flying a dreamy circle in the air.

I thought for a minute. Had I heard music? I remembered hearing the soft sound of waves and the rustling of the coconut groves. Maybe I had missed it, because I was distracted by the flute…

The flute! I had almost forgotten about it, and it was in my hand all along. I lifted it up and showed it to the Rainbow Pals. It shimmered in the sunlight — purple, green and yellow. Everyone gasped and stepped closer to take a look.

“I found this on the ocean floor,” I explained. “I thought it was broken — but perhaps I was wrong.” I put the flute to my lips and played. Again, I couldn’t hear a thing. But this time, my friends all smiled. Poni swayed, in her graceful hula way and Loke began to strum her ukulele. I stopped and gaze them a quizzical look.

Finally, Loke piped up. “I think I know what’s going on!” she said. “May I see that flute, please?”

I handed her the flute, and she put it to her lips. Suddenly, I could hear it — the sweetest, most joyful sound I’d ever heard. It was bright and clear, and all the colours of the rainbow. When she stopped played, Loke handed it back.

“The treasure you’ve found is called a Sharing Flute,” Loke said. “When you play it, it makes the most beautiful sound — but only your friends can hear it. It is a reminder that there are some things in life that can only be appreciated when you have friends there to share with.”

I looked around at the faces of my friends: Poni, Loke, Kokio, Koali, Pua and Miro. I realized that even though I had found the Sharing Flute on my own, I never would have discovered its magical power without their help. I thought of all the times I spent under water, exploring the ocean.

Even turtles need to come up for air once in a while!

Thanks for telling us that story, Ponga!

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