Vanuatu: Island Paradise

VanuatuMy friend and Rainbow Pal singer Pua just came back from a trip to” target=”_blank”>Vanuatu, and she’s been telling the Rainbow Pals all about it. What a wonderful place!

Vanuatu is a South Pacific country made up of 82 tiny islands, west of Fiji. Some of the islands are bigger than the others, of course. Some even have live volcanoes on them! The volcanoes are actually a wonderful thing, because they make the soil in Vanuatu very healthy. You’ve never seen such beautiful rain forests! One of the things Pua told me about Vanuatu is that the people speak a language called Bislama. It is a mix between English, French and Australian slang. It is similar to a language that peoeple speak in Papua New Guinea, and other parts of the South Pacific. Most ni-Vanuatu (that’s what you call people from Vanuatu) speak Bislama and their own native language. Pua has decided that she is going to learn Bislama. Make sure you follow her on Twitter to keep track of her progress! Good luck, Pua! And next time you’re going to Vanuatu — take me with you!

~ your friend Loke

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