Surfing in the Solomon Islands

Solomon IslandsWhat do you imagine when you hear surfing? I bet you get images of Hawai’i, Waikiki and Maui.

While surfing did originate in Hawai’i, it can now be found all over the world!

My friend Kokio is a super enthusiastic surfer — he spends all his free time carving up the waves, as he says! The other day he told me about surfing in a place that I’d never thought of as a surfing spot: The Solomon Islands!

The Solomon Islands is an island country east of Papua New Guinea. The majority of the people living in the Solomon Islands are Melanesian (unlike in Hawai’i, which is Polynesian). Most Solomon Islands are farmers and fisherman. Many continue to practice their culture as they have for thousands of years!

Since the Solomon Islands is still pretty rural, it offers a unique environment for surfing… far from the crowded beaches! It’s a great place to visit not just for surfing, but also to experience the untouched rainforests and beaches. Stay for a while and you’ll get to know some Solomon Islanders, too! There are over 70 languages there, but the official language of the Solomon Islands is English.

Watch a neat video about surfing in the Solomon Islands, or tours.html” target=”_blank”>click here to learn about surfing tours.

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