Fiji’s flag: A lion and a coconut?

Have you ever looked at Fiji’s national flag? What an interesting South Pacific symbol! It flew for the first time on October 10, 1970, when Fiji first became an independent country. Let take a look at it…

Coconuts: The fruit (that’s right, it’s a fruit!) used to be a major part of Fiji’s economy. It was so important it got on the flag!

Bananas: These grow everywhere in Fiji. The bananas that grow in Fiji are very sweet. They are also are bright and yellow, like the sun that shines!

Sugar cane: Sugar cane is Fiji’s leading export. That means they grow a lot of it! Many Fijians are employed in the sugar cane industry.

The dove: This represents peace. It was on the original flag of Fiji, designed in 1906.

The lion: The lion represents Britain. Before Fiji became independent in 1970, it was a colony of the United Kingdom. If you look closely, its holding a coconut! They sure do love their coconuts…

The Union Jack: This is to show that Fiji is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. Australia and New Zealand also have it on their flags.

Blue: The pale blue background of the flag represents the sea around Fiji. And what a beautiful sea it is!

Hope you enjoyed learning about Fiji!

~ your friend, Loke

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