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4 Oct 2011
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Rabaul: In the shadow of...

What South Pacific county is just south of the equator, has more than 600 islands and more than 800 languages? Papua New Guinea! It is one of the most culturally diverse places »

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25 Sep 2011
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Where is Oceania, anyway?

Aloha, friends! Now if there is one thing I get asked all the time, it’s this: What is Oceania? We all know where the South Pacific is — that one’s easy. Sometimes »

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18 Sep 2011
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Surfing in the Solomon...

What do you imagine when you hear surfing? I bet you get images of Hawai’i, Waikiki and Maui. While surfing did originate in Hawai’i, it can now be found all over »

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8 Sep 2011
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Niue: Small but mighty!

Have you ever heard of a country called Niue? If you haven’t, don’t worry — most people know very little about this very little Pacific island country. It is »

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28 Aug 2011
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Pacific Islanders play...

Did you know that there are over 40 Pacific Islanders who play in America’s National Football League? From Isaac Sapoaga on the San Fransisco 49ers to Naufahu Tahi on »

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15 Aug 2011
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Vanuatu: Island Paradise

My friend and Rainbow Pal singer Pua just came back from a trip to Vanuatu, and she’s been telling the Rainbow Pals all about it. What a wonderful place! Vanuatu is »

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29 Jul 2011
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Wellington: Cool-with-a...

Anyone who has traveled around the South Pacific knows that it is the best place on earth. The travel guide Lonely Plant recently released their Top 10 Cities for 2011 list, »

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17 Jul 2011
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Surfer’s Healing

Hey friends! We all know that Kokio lives for surfing. The other day he told me about an organization called Surfer’s Healing. It’s a really neat program that »

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2 Jul 2011
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What a show!

What a lucky elephant I am! Yesterday I saw some of the most wonderful dancing I’ve ever seen, at the Te Mahana Hiroa O Tahiti festival. Tahitian dancing is similar »

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17 Jun 2011
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The true Spirit of the Sea...

Usually when people travel around the South Pacific, they go by plane. But did you know that some do it by canoe? That’s right! A group of seven canoes paddled from »

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5 Mar 2011
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Name: Loke Origin: Hawaiian (lokelani) Instrument: Conch Shell & Ukulele Friendship Quality: Leadership Favorite Snack: Cookies Hobby: Skipping Aloha! My name is Lokelani! »

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4 Mar 2011
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Name: Poni Origin: Hawaiian (poni means “purple”) Instrument: Pahu drum Friendship Quality: Compassion Favorite Snack: Flowers Hobby: Hula dancing Why, hello there! »

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4 Mar 2011
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Name: Koali Origin: Hawaiian (koali ‘awa) Instrument: Ukulele Friendship Quality: Playfulness Favorite Snack: Ice cream Hobby: Chasing birds Hey folks! Guess what happened »

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4 Mar 2011
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Name: Ponga Origin: Maori (Ponga tree) Instrument: Pu ‘ohe bamboo trumpet Friendship Quality: Creativity Favorite Snack: Lollipops Hobby: Swimming Toot-ta-root! I’m »

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4 Mar 2011
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Name: Kokio Origin: Maori (Hibiscus kokio) Instrument: Kala’au sticks Friendship Quality: Courage Favorite Snack: Nuts Hobby: Surfing Cowabunga! That’s surfer »

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4 Mar 2011
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Name: Pua Origin: Hawaiian (Pua melia) Instrument: Ohe Hano Ihu Nose flute Friendship Quality: Determination Favorite Snack: Fruit Hobby: Singing “Mai na aheahe makani »

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4 Mar 2011
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Name: Miro Origin: Maori (Miro tree) Instrument: Ipu heke Friendship Quality: Humor Favorite Snack: Honey Hobby: Napping in my hammock! Want to hear a joke? What do you call »

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2 Feb 2011
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Episode 1

Practice Makes Perfect! Meet the Rainbow Pals as they prepare for their homecoming concert! See Loke, Kokio, Ponga, and the rest of the gang as they strum, drum and toot-ta-loot »

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7 Jan 2011
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Take a listen to the new Rainbow Pals song, “Shine.” It’s a sunny, tropical tune that will make you want to hula your way straight to the beach! We sing »

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7 Jan 2011
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“Rainbow Pals”

The Rainbow Pals are not only friends, we are also a band! Listen to our theme song!

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