28 Feb 2013
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Storytime: Friends Come in...

Hi! I’m Pua. Have I ever told you the story of how I met Poni? How do a little bird and an elephant come to be friends, you ask? PART I: GENTLE GIANT Poni is an elephant. »

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23 Feb 2013
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I ♥ Papaya

Sweet, sweet papaya. Hawaii is the top global exporter of the papaya, but did you know that it was originally imported? Papaya trees are indigenous to Central America, where »

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14 Feb 2013
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Storytime: The Sharing...

Dear pals, I invited my friend Ponga to tell you the story of the day he learned the magic of sharing… I hope you enjoy it! The ocean is nice to look at, but it’s »

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6 Feb 2013
Comments Off on Let’s Go Swimming!

Let’s Go Swimming!

Beaches are lovely places, but sometimes they’re not the best for swimming. Calm beaches that are ringed by coral reefs are great for snorkeling but not for playing »

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28 Jan 2013
Comments Off on Fiji’s Garden Island

Fiji’s Garden Island

What a spectacular trip I’ve just had! There are 332 islands in the country of Fiji — and I’m going to tell you about one of its most beautiful. Taveuni is the »

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19 Jan 2013
Comments Off on Animals of Oceania

Animals of Oceania

The Rainbow Pals live in the South Pacific — it is a wonderful place to call home! However, we are not your usual group of Pacific Islander animals. Miro is a bear, Poni »

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10 Jan 2013
Comments Off on Iolani Luahine, Priestess of the Ancient Hula

Iolani Luahine, Priestess...

What do you know about the hula? It’s a Hawaiian dance. You know that hula dancers are graceful… did you know that they are magical, too? Iolani Luahine was the »

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2 Jan 2013
Comments Off on Going to Hawaii? Pack your umbrella!

Going to Hawaii? Pack your...

I’ve got some bad news for folks in Hawaii: It looks like you have some thunderstorms headed your direction! Niihau, Kauai, and Oahu are all on flash-flood warnings. »

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16 Dec 2012
Comments Off on Polynesia, Melanesia, Micronesia

Polynesia, Melanesia,...

Everyone knows that there are nice beaches in the South Pacific. But if you go to any Pacific Island only for the sun and sand — you’re missing out! There are more »

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9 Dec 2012
Comments Off on Energy Crisis? Try Coconuts and Sunshine

Energy Crisis? Try...

Tokelau is not just a small county — it’s tiny. It is made up of three small atolls: Atafu, Nukunonu, and Fakaofo. Altogether, there are just 1,400 people in Tokelau. »

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1 Dec 2012
Comments Off on New Zealand Erupts!

New Zealand Erupts!

Volcanoes: Dramatic, dangerous, beautiful! In August New Zealand’s Mount Tongariro erupted for the first time since 1897. For 115 years, it stood tall and beautiful, »

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11 Nov 2012
Comments Off on Seasons in the South Pacific

Seasons in the South...

Here’s something that visitors to the South Pacific always forget: Your seasons are backwards! That’s right… yours! Our summer season begins peaks around »

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2 Nov 2012
Comments Off on Curly Music joins hands with Funkommunity & SurfAid

Curly Music joins hands...

What do you think when I say, “New Zealand”? You might imagine rolling green highs and dramatic cliffs, like the ones seen in the Lord of the Rings films. Or you »

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23 Oct 2012
Comments Off on 5 Awesome Adventures for Kids in Fiji

5 Awesome Adventures for...

1. Take a zipline tour Zip from tree to tree, like something out of Avatar. Zip Fiji offers unlimited “zips” on their lines scattered along a tropical rainforest »

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16 Oct 2012
Comments Off on The Award for Best Island in Oceania goes to…

The Award for Best Island...

Every year, travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler conducts a reader’s poll to find out where people love to visit. The 2012 winners have been announced! Here’s »

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8 Oct 2012
Comments Off on Episode 5: Pearl of the Pacific, Part 2

Episode 5: Pearl of the...

Did you see Episode 4 of the Rainbow Pals Adventures: The Pearl of the Pacific? The journey continues!   Join our friend Loke as she shares her vacation photos from the »

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30 Sep 2012
Comments Off on Eddie Aikau: Hawai’ian Legend

Eddie Aikau: Hawai’...

Every year, a surf contest called The Eddie is held in Waimea Bay, Hawai’i. Well, not every year… This year, the contest was planned to be held from the beginning »

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22 Sep 2012
Comments Off on Exploring Vanuatu’s Mighty Volcanoes

Exploring Vanuatu’s...

You probably know that most South Pacific islands were created by volcanic activity. But volcanoes aren’t just the stuff of history books. A while back, I told you about »

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12 Sep 2012
Comments Off on Scary News for Pacific Islanders

Scary News for Pacific...

A while back, I told you about the climate change challenges facing the tiny island county of Tuvalu. I’m afraid I have more bad news… The people of the South »

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3 Sep 2012
Comments Off on The Rainiest Place in New Zealand

The Rainiest Place in New...

The South Pacific: All palm trees and blue lagoons, right? Wrong! Oceania is the most ecologically diverse region in the world. I recently learned about one of Oceania’s »

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