Fiji’s Garden Island

What a spectacular trip I’ve just had! There are 332 islands in the country of Fiji — and I’m going to tell you about one of its most beautiful.

Taveuni is the third largest island in Fiji. It is known as “The Garden Island.” That sure is an appropriate nickname!

A wonderful way to explore Taveuni’s natural bounty is to take part in one of the many guided hikes and walks offered by local Fijians. I visited Bouma National Heritage Park. It is a lush rainforest and it’s huge! You can spend hours hiking on trails through banyan trees. The terrain is quite varied, so you can choose to relax by the beach or explore deep into the forest. Don’t worry about getting lost — all the paths are clearly marked with signs and information points.
The highlight of Fiji’s Bouma National Heritage Park has to be the three waterfalls. You’ve never seen waterfalls like this! Picturesque and perfect for swimming — it’s paradise! You might also get a chance to meet some Taveuni locals. They enjoy swimming in the waterfalls too, of course! It’s a great opportunity to learn something new and find out what life is really like for Fijians.
If you’re headed to Bouma Park, make sure to pack your snorkel and mask. The surrounded water offers spectacular coral reefs and underwater life. Be sure to read my post about snorkeling before you go!

Happy exploring!

~ your friend Loke

Thanks to tos/freudianslip/1197690503/” target=”_blank”>Arc-Light for the great photo!
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