24 Feb 2012
Comments Off on Coconut Macademia Nut Cookies No Ka ‘Oi!

Coconut Macademia Nut...

(“No Ka ‘Oi” means The Best! in Hawaiian.) Macadamia trees grow all over the South Pacific, though they are native to Australia, New Caledonia and Indonesia. »

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15 Feb 2012
Comments Off on Mauna Kea: Sacred Wonder of the World

Mauna Kea: Sacred Wonder...

Hawaii is known for its beaches and surfable waves, but did you know it’s also home to one of the world’s tallest mountains? Mauna Kei is on the island of Hawaii »

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9 Feb 2012
Comments Off on New Episode: The Perfect Wave

New Episode: The Perfect...

Aloha friends ~ I’m so excited… The third episode of The Rainbow Pals is finally here! As you know, The Rainbow Pals are seven animal friends that live in the »

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23 Jan 2012
Comments Off on Snorkeling: An adventure for any age!

Snorkeling: An adventure...

Aloha, friends! The South Pacific is a beautiful place. Fascinating flora and fauna, and sun and beaches… but wait! The real beauty lies beneath the waves. There are »

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16 Jan 2012
Comments Off on The Great Ukulele Contest

The Great Ukulele Contest

Aloha, friends! As you know, I play the ukulele. Wait! I don’t just play it — I love it! One of the best things about playing the ukulele is that it is easy to sing »

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7 Jan 2012
Comments Off on 2012 Ukulele Festivals: All around the world!

2012 Ukulele Festivals:...

Honk if you love the uke. You’re not alone! The ukulele revolution is taking the world by storm! We just can’t get enough of that powerful little instrument. The »

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28 Dec 2011
Comments Off on Are we friends yet?

Are we friends yet?

We live in the South Pacific — it is such a fascinating place! It’s the home of the hula and the ukulele, but also much more. From dugongs to breadfruit, from quilting »

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13 Dec 2011
Comments Off on Bread + fruit = breadfruit!

Bread + fruit = breadfruit...

One of the most wonderful things about the South Pacific is the interesting variety of plants. The tropical weather creates a hospitable environment not just for adventurers, »

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7 Dec 2011
Comments Off on Ukulele Legend: Bill Tapia

Ukulele Legend: Bill Tapia

Bill Tapia was born in Honolulu on January 1, 1908. That’s 103 years ago! And what a ukulele player. He learned how to play the uke at 7 years old, and went on to play »

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2 Dec 2011
Comments Off on The Perfect Pearl

The Perfect Pearl

The pearl is an exceptional thing. Do you know how pearls are made? They starts as a speck of sand, caught inside an oyster. The tiny speck grows and grows, until one day »

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25 Nov 2011
Comments Off on The art of Pacific Island quilting

The art of Pacific Island...

Hello friends! The South Pacific is a land of many colors. Whether it’s the classic hibiscus or a lokelani design, Pacific Islanders love floral patterns. Not in drab »

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17 Nov 2011
Comments Off on Live to SURF!

Live to SURF!

Dear pals and readers, In my last blog post, I told you all about my new hobby… playing the ukulele! My friend Koali is teaching me, and I just love how fun and easy »

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8 Nov 2011
Comments Off on Join the Ukulele Revolution

Join the Ukulele...

Hello friends! Usually I sing and play the conch. In our most recent webisode, In Search of the Blue Kiele, you may have noticed that I played the ukulele! When the Rainbow »

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31 Oct 2011
Comments Off on Flower Power!

Flower Power!

Have you ever heard of a kiele? It is a kind of Hawaiian flower, also known as a gardenia. Kieles are often used to make the leis that Hawaiians wear around our necks. In »

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18 Oct 2011
Comments Off on Fiji’s flag: A lion and a coconut?

Fiji’s flag: A lion and...

Have you ever looked at Fiji’s national flag? What an interesting South Pacific symbol! It flew for the first time on October 10, 1970, when Fiji first became an independent »

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12 Oct 2011
Comments Off on Meet the Mermaids!

Meet the Mermaids!

Hi, friends! I’m here to tell you all about mermaids that live in the South Pacific. [Tee hee!] Well, okay… actually I’m going to tell you about the dugong! »

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4 Oct 2011
Comments Off on Rabaul: In the shadow of the volcano

Rabaul: In the shadow of...

What South Pacific county is just south of the equator, has more than 600 islands and more than 800 languages? Papua New Guinea! It is one of the most culturally diverse places »

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25 Sep 2011
Comments Off on Where is Oceania, anyway?

Where is Oceania, anyway?

Aloha, friends! Now if there is one thing I get asked all the time, it’s this: What is Oceania? We all know where the South Pacific is — that one’s easy. Sometimes »

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18 Sep 2011
Comments Off on Surfing in the Solomon Islands

Surfing in the Solomon...

What do you imagine when you hear surfing? I bet you get images of Hawai’i, Waikiki and Maui. While surfing did originate in Hawai’i, it can now be found all over »

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8 Sep 2011
Comments Off on Niue: Small but mighty!

Niue: Small but mighty!

Have you ever heard of a country called Niue? If you haven’t, don’t worry — most people know very little about this very little Pacific island country. It is »

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