Name: Koali

Origin: Hawaiian (koali ‘awa)

Instrument: Ukulele

Friendship Quality: Playfulness

Favorite Snack: Ice cream

Hobby: Chasing birds

Hey folks!

Guess what happened to me today? I was practicing for the Rainbow Pals concert, when a little bird went tweeting by. What did I do? I ran after it, of course! I’m Koali! I love chasing birds up and down the beach in the bright sunshine. Birds in the South Pacific are brightly colored. And boy are they fast! After a while I got tired, so I sat down in the shade and treated myself to a yummy ice cream. Deeeelicious! What a great day! Now, if I could only remember where I left my ukulele…

Want to see me in action? Take a look at this video…

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