Name: Poni

Origin: Hawaiian (poni means “purple”)

Instrument: Pahu drum

Friendship Quality: Compassion

Favorite Snack: Flowers

Hobby: Hula dancing

Why, hello there!

I was just practicing for the big luau tonight. Have we met? I’m Poni! That means purple in Hawaiian—I’m sure you can guess why that’s my name! I may be the biggest Rainbow Pal, but I’m also the most gentle! I always walk very softly around smaller creatures like Pua and Kokio. I am learning how to be graceful by dancing the hula. Hula is a traditional Hawaiian dance. It’s very lovely! Every day I collect beautiful flowers and shimmering shells to make leis for the Rainbow Pals. I hope we can be friends, too!

I hope we can be friends! Friends are the best!

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